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What is a 1031 Exchange and How Does it Work?

A 1031 exchange is a tax-deferral tool that real estate investors can use to build wealth, save on taxes, and expand their portfolio. This strategy is applicable to any investor who wants to sell an existing property, and trade up for higher cash flow.

1031 Exchange Process_edited.png
1. Decision to Sell

Exchanger decides to sell their investment Property and notifies a Qualified Intermediary (QI).

2. Sell Property

Sell relinquished property and transfer all proceeds of the sale to QI. Look for replacements.

3. Find Replacement

Exchanger identifies the replacement priorities within 45 days of the sale and notifies QI.

4. Buy Replacement 

Working with QI, must buy replacements within 180 days of sale. Funds are transferred to seller.

1031 Exchange Benefits

1031 Exchange Benefits - Deferral of taxes.png

Exchanging one property for another allows the taxpayer to defer the capital gains taxes on the sale.

1031 Exchange Benefits - Consolidation.png

If you want to streamline your portfolio, you can sell off smaller properties, pool that equity, and use it for a larger acquisition.

1031 Exchange Benefits - Long Term Strategy.png

1031 exchanges can be repeated over and over again, resulting in deferring taxes indefinitely and accumulating welath and assets.

1031 Exchange Benefits - Management Relief.png

Grow profits and reduce stress by trading a high maintenance property for a less intensive apartment/NNN investment.

1031 Exchange Benefits -Maximize Cash Flow.png

Trade investment property for a replacement property with greater income potential and return on investment.

1031 Exchange Benefits - Purchasing Power.png

With more money for investment, you have increased purchasing power on future transactions as well as extra leverage to acquire.

1031 Exchange Benefits - Estate Planning.png

Investors looking to pass assets on to their heirs can exchange for multiple investments, allowing for equal share.

1031 Exchange Benefits - Passive Income.png

1031 properties assure a steady flow of income and provides the opportunity to benefit from this passive income for years.

1031 Exchange Benefits - Diversification.png

Replace a property for a pool of investment properties with options to relocate into new areas or to buy different types of property.

1031 Exchange Benefits - Capital Preservation.png

Deferring capital gain/depriciation recapture taxes essentially equals an interest-free, no-term loan on taxes until property is sold for cash.

1031 Exchange Benefits - Business Exit Strategy.png

When exchanging business real estate you can buy property that will eventually be your retirement home, 2nd residence, or create cash flow.

1031 Exchange Benefits - Moving Market.png

Upon relocation, exchange allows you to defer the gain as well as the depreciation recapture so all your equity stays invested in real estate.

How Magnify Can Help

  1. Guide a successful 1031 exchange that is properly structured and set up for high reward

  2. Craft the best personalized investment plan combining your goals and our expertise

  3. Find new exclusive, high-performing investment properties ideal for exchanges

  4. Expertly navigate the ins-and-outs of the tax law following all restrictions and protocol

  5. Run all matters by a 1031 Exchange Attorney to avoid any legal discrepancies

  6. Identify and follow each state’s unique laws utilizing our company’s national resources

  7. Build a diversified portfolio of high-ROI properties with increased cash flow

Interested in learning more?
Contact us below to connect with a Magnify agent and
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